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Your Operations Run Around the Clock. – Why Shouldn’t Your Mining IT Support as Well?

Every executive on the planet has thought the same thing.

“If only my employees and vendors worked the same schedule I do, we could get something done.”

The hard truth is that many IT support companies taking care of mining operations here in Australia and across the globe aren’t into providing continuous Mining IT Support.

Sure, they say that they take care of mines on their websites, but they also advertise to get clients in accounting and auto sales.

Those aren’t 24/7 operations, are they?

There’s lots of time to take a server or a computer down for maintenance in an industry that keeps banker’s hours.

You don’t need an IT support company that has one foot in the mining industry and one foot out the door.

You need Mining IT support professionals that know how to service round-the-clock operations.

What Goes into Providing Always-On IT Support for the Mining Industry?

  • Experienced, friendly mining IT support specialists
  • Automatic data, workflow, and analytics backups
  • Executive-level, mining-specific IT consulting
  • Answers for day-to-day employee questions
  • Forward-looking solution discovery, vetting, and integration 24/7 monitored physical and IT security protocols
    Rapid response to troubleshooting requests and security/performance incidents
  • Regular onsite visits
  • Executive reporting and IT analytics

What Other Pro-Growth IT Services Does Xyber Solutions Offer Mining Companies?

  • Xyber Communicate – Email, Instant Messaging, and Video Conferencing
  • Xyber Productive – Office 365 Optimisation and Collaboration
  • Xyber Safe – Data and Workflow Protection
  • Xyber Secure – Cybersecurity
  • XTM – Xyber Technology Management – 3 Levels of Comprehensive IT Care
  • Cloud Computing – Design, setup, and integration and maintenance to run with your existing IT assets
  • Physical Security (CCTV) – Setup and monitoring CCTV infrastructure for added security
  • Network Infrastructure – Designing, troubleshooting, and securing critical network infrastructure to minimise downtime and boost productivity
  • Business Intelligence – Advising on data gathering, analytics, and best practices for executive decision making and efficient business operations