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What Are the Main IT Concerns that Mining Professionals Face?

Mining companies deal with a lot of data on a daily basis.

From tracking inventory, personnel, and equipment to keeping informed of production and processing progress, the proper management of your data and work processes is an essential component to a healthy bottom line.

Staying status quo with your current IT environment isn’t enough to stay ahead of the competition.

By leveraging the experience of mining IT support professionals, you can make the most of what you have and make good decisions for IT acquisitions in the future.

How Can Technology Increase My Profitability?

Though technology expenditures and maximised profits might seem to be unlikely partners, the truth is the right IT infrastructure and mining IT support will help improve both production and processing. When that happens, it’s money in the bank for you.

Xyber Solutions understands the pressure mining companies face.

Are you worried about potential disruption to your production schedule caused by IT glitches, hackers, or ransomware? We’ve got you covered.

Our survey of past and potential clients identified six areas of IT-related concern, and we have an IT fix for each one.

  • Reliable and Secure Communications Between Extraction Site and Head Office

    Tools for communication aren’t a luxury when you run a business that operates both in the field and out of a centralised headquarters.Without the ability to transmit information securely from operations to the home base, productivity grinds to a halt.

  • Rugged Mobile Office Productivity
    • Mobile device integration and mobile device support are critical to your operations.
    • Software applications such as Office 365 which support collaboration are essential.
    • The devices employed in the field must be sturdy enough to withstand the typical mining complex’s conditions.
  • Real-Time Secured Operational and Production Data Backup

    Data acquisition and tracking is key to your efficiency. If you lose access to that data, trouble is just around the corner. Data security and automated backup are essential to your business continuity.

  • Secure Transfer of Commodities from the Mine Site

    Being able to track shipments of mined commodities is a vital part of daily operations. From knowing how much was placed on the truck, to where it is throughout every step of the transfer is data you must have access to at all points along the delivery process.

  • Secure Mining IT Operations from Exploration to Commodity Delivery

    Mining is an expensive process. You can’t allow security issues to cut into those profits. Each step of your workflow must be examined for IT security vulnerabilities to keep your technology, investment, and people safe from those that would do them harm.

  • IT Maintenance That Meets the 24/7 Demands of Mining Operations

    Your mining company operates 24/7, and you need access to a team of IT professionals that provide continuous, proactive mining IT care and are ready to take your call whenever you need them.