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Stretch Your Capabilities With XTM – Xyber Technology Management for Mining

XyberTechnology Management (XTM) provides 24/7 operational management, monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting for your entire mining operation.

We strive to understand, anticipate and solve your IT needs – keeping your mining business safe, operational, and scalable.

Our solutions are customised to your operation’s requirements.

Our team of qualified and professional experts works with you – providing functional expertise that helps you scale the business while maintaining the safety of your people.

We help in securing critical business infrastructure – ensuring smooth, continuous operations.

Mining operations operate in tough conditions that require resilience and adaptability. We recognise this. Our IT management solutions (XTM) are designed to provide comprehensive IT care and support while providing you with a predictable, budgeted expense you need to keep your finances on track.

What are the Benefits of Xyber Technology Management for Mining Companies?

  • Cost Efficiencies

    Deploying cutting edge technologies in the field boosts efficiency and enables collaboration – saving you time and money.

  • Functional Expertise

    A dedicated team of mining IT specialists – helping you improve operations

  • Business Efficiency

    Improved team and operational productivity aided by the latest in communications and collaboration technologies

  • Operational Expenditure vs Capital Expenditure (OpEx vs CapEx)

    Your cash flow is improved with predictable monthly operating expenses, as opposed to significant capital outlay.