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What is it Going to Take to Level up the IT Efficiency in Your Mining Operations? – We Can Help.

You don’t need us to tell you about mining. – That’s your business, and you’re good at it.

But you do need us to bring high-impact IT consulting to your operations. – That’s our business.

A streamlined, optimised, and secure IT environment for the technology that’s in your office and the field begins with proactive, comprehensive, and continuous IT support.

This model of strategic IT is called Managed IT Services.

Mining companies worldwide choose to partner with Xyber Solutions because our three levels of Managed IT Services – XTM Complete, XTM Remote, and XTM Basic – have been carefully crafted to address current and emerging technological pain points within the industry.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is a business technology management strategy that leverages the power of proactive maintenance, cybersecurity protocols, and operational monitoring to provide a rock-solid technology foundation for your internal and mobile processes.

The three levels of XTM Managed IT Services offered by the Xyber Solutions team are customised to the specific needs of each of our clients’ IT infrastructure.

XTM COMPLETE – On-Site and Remote Technology Support – All Bases Covered

XTM COMPLETE gives you the peace of mind that all things IT are covered both in the field and at your business premises – allowing you to focus on your business, your team, and your clients. Think of it as having your own in-house IT department, without the cost.

XTM REMOTE – Remote Technology Support

XTM REMOTE gives you the peace of mind that all things IT are covered remotely. The majority of your technical problems will be solved remotely – quickly and efficiently by our technicians working from our offices. Any issues requiring our attendance at your premises will be charged at a discounted hourly rate.


XTM BASIC covers all things IT when your technology fails. This reactive package allows us to help you get back on your feet on an ad-hoc basis.

Remote Support check check check
Onsite Support as Needed check check
Hardware & Software Installation check check
Mobile & Tablet Support check check check
Business Hours Help Desk check check check
Discounted Onsite & Project Fee check check
Behind the Scenes
Anti-Virus & Security Updates check check
Email SPAM Filter & Backups check check
Automatic File Backups check check
Data is Secured in Multiple Places check check
Critical System Monitoring 24×7 – 7 Days a Week check check
Third Party Management
Manage Technology Relationships (ISP, Telco) check check check
Professional Services
Quarterly Business Technology Review check check
Technology Training and Education check check
Review of Telco Bills Annually check check