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Why Xyber Safe? – Because Data is Central to Your Mine’s Function and Profitability.

Whether your operations are currently in the exploration phase, approvals, production, or reclamation, you can’t be without your data.

It’s just that simple.

So, how do you protect yourself from losing those intangible data assets like spreadsheets, templates, images, video, analytics, and documents?

Data protection is composed of several elements.

  • Secure Backup to Servers – (usually at head office)
  • Secure Backup to the Cloud
  • Geo-Redundant Backup
  • Automatic Verifiable Backup Protocols
  • Monitored Backups
  • Easily Recoverable Backups

If any of these elements are missed, you could lose data that will cost you thousands of dollars to re-create. — If it’s even possible.

That’s why you want the Xyber team on your side.

We can provide you with superior, reliable data backup within a predictable monthly expense.

What is Included in Xyber Safe Data Backup for Mining?

Xyber Safe ensures you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that all your vital business information is backed up and stored securely.

Simply put Xyber Safe is your Mining Firm’s insurance if disaster strikes.

Here’s what we include in the basic level of Xyber Safe

  • Automatic back-ups to your local USB and/or Shared Network hard drives
  • Automatic back-ups scheduled daily, weekly or customised to your requirements
  • 50GB back-up to an offsite Cloud Storage Server
  • Additional backup space available in 50GB increments as an add-on

How Much Does Xyber Safe Cost?

The cost of our Xyber Safe offering is connected to the number of devices and the amount of storage you require. Our Xyber Safe solution – and associated costs – can be scaled up or down to match the cyclical demand of your mining operations.