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Can Office 365 and Mining-Specific IT Support Help Your Mining Operations Be More Productive?

Like most business sectors, technology has turned mining – this once hands-on profession – into a largely technology-driven process. With the advent of smart drill bits and autonomous delivery vehicles controlled by an off-site engineer, there’s no question that the face of the industry is changing dramatically.

With this change comes the need for better collaboration between the central home office and those out working in the field. Though remote processing has increased productivity, it has also increased operational costs. In order for the mining industry to remain a cost-effective prospect, real-time cost savings have to be realised somewhere.

That’s where Office 365 comes into the picture.

When overall operational efficiencies must be tightened, Office 365 delivers.

What Can Office 365 Do for my Mining Operations?

Technology has greatly improved many aspects of mining as we know it. However, these changes have led to a division in necessary labourers to complete a mining job. With a central office located many kilometres and hours away from a job site, improved communication and collaboration tools are essential for a mining company to function at optimal capacity.

Here are some ways our Xyber productive package (which focuses on Office 365 collaborative tools) can improve your mining efforts.

  • Increased efficiencies through cloud computing
  • Easy tracking of line-of-business applications via Office 365,including Microsoft Excel
  • Implemented solutions for gathering and tracking of real-time field data from equipment
  • Enabled analyses of such integral processes as equipment health, necessary maintenance, supply chain efficiencies, and operational intelligence
  • Integrated applications for ease of mobile and tablet use
  • Provided tools for real-time interoffice collaboration between the field staff and the office

Have You Looked at Power BI in Office 365 Enterprise for High-Level Analytics?

You know mining. We know data and analytics.

If you’re looking for a platform that can handle the volume of data that is produced by your entire operation and is able to sift and analyze that data for actionable intel, Power BI is a significant option worth considering.

The Xyber team will help you configure, integrate, and maintain Power BI – providing you with actionable intel for executive decision making and protecting your data throughout the data pipeline.

Will Office 365 from Xyber Productive Help my Staff?

Employees love Office 365. – Never has it been easier to get more work accomplished.

No longer is it necessary for productivity to grind to a halt due to field visits from office staff to get an answer to important operational questions. Office 365 streamlines work in the field and at the central office. The result is maximised savings of time and money.

Here are some of the benefits office and field mine employees gain from Xyber Productive.

  • Promoted work efficiencies through access to cloud productivity tools
  • Top tier security for mobile devices and tablets
  • Easy collaboration and communication with other employees whether in the office or in the field
  • Real-time data access at the touch of a finger
  • Two-factor authentication to protect critical company data
  • Proposed mine site excavation simulations
  • Enhanced data analytics to predict costs