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What Are You Using to Track Your Trucks and Their Valuable Cargo?

You run mines – either here in Australia or globally.

The problem?

Your mines are a long way from “civilization.”

That means your commodities – iron ore, alumina, nickel, copper, lead, zinc, etc. – have to take a long truck ride before they finally land at your processing facility.

But that’s not the end of the commodities journey, is it?

You’ve still got to get them from processing to the market – to the customer.
So, what’s protecting your investment along the journey?

Sure, you’ve hired some pretty tough-looking drivers, and they’ve all got personal mobile phones.

But is that enough?

It’s not, is it?

Can Your Mine Tech Solutions Track Both Trucks and Commodities

When your processing plant is hundreds, even thousands of kilometres away from your processing plant, it’s easy to have loss or theft along the way.

Sometimes it’s the guy at the scales documenting the wrong weights.

Other times, it’s a trailer with a crack that needs to be welded up to keep from losing material.

But that’s not the worst scenario, is it?

The worst scenario is a truck being hijacked along the route somewhere.

Would you know?

Would you know that your driver has stopped outside his normal rest stops?

It’s time to bring in some technology.

GPS Tracking is a Significant Start to Data Analysis and Load/Driver Security.

You can’t secure or analyse what you can’t track!

Xyber Solutions can work with mines around the world to ensure that they have real-time, unbiased data on each truck, its location, its load, and its driver at all times.

  • Be alerted if your driver makes an unscheduled stop.
  • Find out quickly if the weights from each end of the trip don’t add
  • Know where your trucks are at all times.
  • Have instant access to truck diagnostics.
  • Know your fuel expenses down to the litre.
  • Be quick to react if you see an anomaly and can’t reach the driver.

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