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What Are the Biggest Challenges in Mining Communications?

Australian mining operations usually take place in extremely isolated and remote locations, in which having appropriate communication solutions is a constant challenge. Low population density near mining sites, means that cellular network coverage, broadband access, and even landline connectivity is marginal or lacking altogether.

Australia’s mining sector has benefited from exponential technology innovation in recent years. The advancements in smart devices, IoT and M2M communications, can greatly improve every aspect of the business. A reliable and secure communications infrastructure is a critical factor to ensure those technologies can be leveraged and mining companies strive to be more profitable.

What is the Best Communication Technology for Mining Operations?

Mining operations have traditionally used a mix of different communication technologies.

While fibre is the solution that companies rely on the most, it becomes problematic in an underground mine situation because of its fragile nature.

What is the Benefit of a Reliable Mining Communications System?

The vast amount of data that can be generated through sensors and intelligent machines could have a tremendous impact on the efficiency and profit of mining operations. Without proper infrastructure to transmit this data in real time, the value of those improvements can be greatly diminished.

Safety is another critical factor that can be heavily impacted by a poor communications infrastructure. Workers on the extraction site should maintain constant communication with each other, and when necessary, with the head office.

What Mining Communication Services Does Xyber Solutions Support?

The truth is that nearly every service in our lineup helps companies have, utilize, and secure their communications. Here’s the short list.