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Network Support For Junior Mining Organisations

Does it seem like you don’t have enough hours in the day to operate your junior mining company? Regain those hours by outsourcing your computer network support.  

Network Support

If you’re an up-and-coming junior mining company, your employees are valuable resources that can’t be distracted as they work. To be competitive with the larger organisations, you understand that having the newest IT technology is a must. However, staying updated with your technology infrastructure and software solutions requires time, skills and patience. These are resources you can’t spare. That’s why junior mining companies outsource their computer network support. They want the most efficient, effective and timely managed IT support for the best price possible. You can save both time and money with a team of experts from a computer network support provider.

Why Network Outsourcing?

A smoothly-working computer network that is highly secure is what you need when hiring a provider. With your routine maintenance and security protocol operating perfectly, you have the peace of mind to laser focus on your growing core business. However, a growing organisation needs to have a network that can easily grow with them. They also need regular updates, maintenance checks and updates to ensure that the network can block malware, hacking and phishing attacks.

A qualified provider can take charge of your entire computer network as well as your servers, support and improve it when updates are required. Network outsourcing will take the routine network tasks including software updates and backups off your hands. And you will have 24/7 support for problems that arise.

You can protect your proprietary data, personnel files and company history from hackers, and also retain copies in case of corrupted data or computer crashes. And in the case of a natural disaster, you will have a plan in place to protect your critical operational data so that you can recover faster and keep your customers happy.

What Can a Network Support Company Do for You?

A reliable computer network support company can take care of all of your IT operations or just the tasks that you select. They will work with your IT manager to make the transition as smoothly as possible and will send detailed reports to you whenever you require them. They can help in the following areas:

Telecom Architecture and Support

Do you need help with your telephone network? The right provider can offer their expertise as you build your telecom network with mobile devices. land lines, satellite, IPs and more. That help includes supporting active use and monitoring network performance routinely, so you can spend more time on your core business.

Hosting Services

Would you like a hosting provider that can offer an array of full-service options? The right provider will be able to manage your website, emails, ftp site, backups, firewalls, anti-virus software in the cloud. Other capabilities include:

  • Ledger entries, payables
  • Payroll, expense accounts
  • Government reports
  • Financial statements
  • Month end, year end
  • Letters, presentations
  • Mailbox and office space
  • CFO on demand

ERP Selection and Implementation

Ready for enterprise resource planning? A team of experts in ERP can assist you in selecting implementing, and supporting ERP for the mining industry.

IT Project Management

Do your project managers need support? Experience professionals can work with your managers or independently manage for you projects such as implementing new software, training your staff and acting as a bridge until the software is fully accepted.

What Else Does Your Junior Mining Company Need?

Once you interview the computer network support provider that is the perfect fit for your company, you will be able to sigh in relief, and then use your time in a more productive manner.