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Why Xyber Communicate? – Because Communications Infrastructure is Critical to Your Mining Firm’s Success.

Mining complexes throughout Australia and across the globe have similar communications challenges. Most operations are in relatively remote locations where geography and topography become problematic for the implementation of reliable communications infrastructure.

The Xyber Solutions team works successfully with both underground and open pit mining operations to provide communications within the mine site as well as to and from the mining firm’s corporate office.

What Mine Site Communications Projects Does Xyber Solutions Tackle?

  • Unified Communications Strategy Implementations
  • Day-to-Day Communications Maintenance
  • Data Capture and Analysis
  • Smartphone and Tablet WiFi
  • Radio Communications
  • Cellular Communications
  • High-Speed Data Connections
  • Satellite Communications
  • Public Address Systems
  • Underground Networks
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Emergency Communications Systems

There is no project too complex for our experienced technicians and consultants to handle. We’ve seen it all and have brought voice, video, and data communications to mining complexes in nearly impossible topographic and geographic situations.

Does Xyber Solutions Have a Basic Communications Solution for Less Complex Mining Operations?

Yes! We call our basic communications solution, Xyber Communicate.

Our Xyber Communicate offering allows you to work effectively with your team and clients across various communication platforms.

  • An Email Address (filtered,secured and backed up) – allowing you to work without worries. Email is accessible from your desktop, laptop. and mobile devices.

  • An Instant Messaging Platform – allowing you to text directly one-to-one, or in a group.

  • A Video Conferencing Platform – allowing you to hold one-to-one or group video meetings with your team and/or clients.

What does Xyber Communicate Cost?

Xyber Communicate is priced per user and in accordance with the complexity of your communications requirements. The beauty of this pricing structure is that it gives you the ability to scale up or down depending on business or market cycles and it provides you with a predictable, monthly communications expense.

What Concerns are Addressed by a Unified Communications Strategy Throughout Enterprise?

  • Cost of Communications – Bringing all communications under one unified strategy can save money.

  • Productivity Loss Resulting from Poor Communications – Improving communications provides less downtime and a higher level of peer-to-peer collaboration.

  • Employee Dissatisfaction and Boredom – Allowing for better communications and technologies on remote mine sites gives employees more entertainment and communications options for their downtime.

  • Communication Gaps – Bringing better communications tools and maintenance to the corporate office and mine site helps you close the communication gaps that exist within the existing pipeline as the commodity moves from earth to transportation, processing, and market.

What Do Better Mining Communications Mean for the Future of Your Firm’s Operations?

If it runs along a wire or through the air, it is data.

That data contains the real-time information you need to make critical, sometimes split-second, decisions.

With the improvement of communications comes a better infrastructure for the flow of data and data analysis, helping you deal with issues such as:

  • Safety
  • Cost Control
  • Productivity
  • HR
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Theft