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Mining companies need IT solutions that keep employees connected, deliver reliable services to those needing access to information and provide secure access to data. That’s why it’s critical to choose a managed IT services provider that has the expertise to solve mining company challenges.What IT Services Do Mining Companies Need?

Mining companies face several industry-specific needs, including:

  • Remote Employees. Mining companies depend on the work of remotely deployed employees. In the field, these employees need communications tools that keep them connected to colleagues working in central offices, stationed in other remote locations, and acting as partners and collaborators.
  • Large Amounts of Data. Mining companies generate large amounts of information, including data, images, measurements and planning documents. Without tools that can collect, transmit, display and use that data effectively, companies are at a competitive disadvantage.
  • High Variability. Market fluctuations mean mining companies often have variable needs for personnel, data and mobile equipment. They need plans that provide flexibility to adjust to market volatility without being forced to carry excess server capacity or scramble to add new resources.
  • Cybersecurity. Mining companies are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attack, with hackers looking to exploit remote users, including contractors and partners, who may inadvertently leave businesses open to compromise.

Ernst & Young noted in a recent report that mining companies face increasing challenges as the industry faces disruption at all turns. Among its top business risks to mining companies for 2019 and 2020, EY identified the following:

  • Digital Effectiveness. The consulting firm notes that digital “is key to gaining a competitive advantage,” especially given that 37 percent of management leaders have little or no knowledge of the scope of digital opportunities.
  • Cybersecurity. Mining companies have a large digital landscape to manage, with every connected device, machine, asset and user a potential entry point for hackers. With this “attack surface” growing larger, companies need to develop a cybersecurity strategy that is integrated and embedded into business processes.
  • Disruption. EY believes that tech companies could be a disruptive influence on the sector, meaning mining companies need to invest in digital solutions and innovative technology.

What Are the Advantages to Mining IT Services?

When your mining company is looking for reliable, affordable and secure IT solutions, consider managed IT services. Managed IT offers many advantages including:

  • Lower IT Costs. With predictable monthly rates, you will not face surprises when technology needs arise or demand increases
  • Access to Experience. With your mining company’s complex and unique business needs, you want an IT provider that understands your industry
  • Protection When and Where It’s Needed. Cybersecurity is a major consideration for any company, especially one with so many remote users, connections and data transfers
  • Differentiation. Technical solutions can be a competitive differentiator that sets you apart from other mining companies, driving new business
  • Peace of Mind. When you know your technology is secure, reliable, accurate, monitored and innovative, you can focus on the core aspects of your mining business

What Should Mining Companies Look For In Managed IT Providers?

At Xyber Solutions, we help mining companies with integrated solutions to meet their most pressing needs. Our process begins with an assessment of your company’s needs and challenges in order to recommend a customised solution. We provide an array of options, including:

  • Xyber Communicate. Reach your team and clients reliably with tools that provide:
    • Email that’s secure and backed up, accessible from all your devices
    • Instant messaging via a platform allowing for individual or group texts
    • Video conferencing letting teams and clients connect visually in real time, no matter where they are
  • Xyber Productive. Access and use the most popular Microsoft Office apps in a cloud-hosted platform. Office 365 improves collaboration and productivity by providing:
    • User subscriptions that are valid on desktop computers, smartphones, laptops and tablets
    • Automatically updated files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook across all your devices, whether desktop or mobile
    • Automated upgrades and patches delivered immediately to all registered users, giving teams up-to-date protection and access to new features
  • Xyber Safe. Keep your documents, emails, files, photos, drawings, videos and templates secure and accessible. Xyber Safe automates the backup processes and ensures business continuity in the case of a natural disaster or cyber attack. Features include:
    • 50 GBs of backup to an offsite cloud storage server. Additional backup capacity is available in 50 GB increments
    • Automatic backups to shared network hard drives or USBs
    • Customised backup scheduling daily or weekly to meet your company’s needs
  • Xyber Secure. Keep your data safe while in transit and at rest. Xyber Secure includes computer anti-virus and anti-malware applications and web and cloud security, including:
    • Next-generation firewalls to proactively monitor your system’s perimeter
    • Threat prediction, mitigation and protection using a cloud security platform
    • A layered canvas of protection over your network, websites, endpoints and users
    • Monthly reports to keep you aware of the threats and actions taken
  • Xyber Technology Management. Protect your onsite and remote technology stacks with three tiers of coverage, allowing you to pay per user or per hour.

Xyber Solutions wants to help keep your mining company operational and growing. Schedule an initial consultation with Western Australia’s leading mining IT services company to learn more.