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IT Services & IT Support For Mining Companies

We work with businesses and organisations in all industries and of all shapes and sizes. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that businesses in every industry require a customised approach to IT management and support. This is especially true when it comes to the mining industry. Mining companies deal with unique challenges and to remain productive, competitive, and profitable, they need a managed IT provider who is committed to understanding their needs and developing customised and scalable solutions.

The Top 5 Reasons Mining Companies Should Outsource IT Management & Support

The mining industry continues to evolve at lightning-fast speed. Mining professionals know that in order to drive expansive profit margins, they need to be taking advantage of innovative information technologies in order to streamline company processes and secure as many business opportunities as possible.

However, it’s one thing to know that strategic IT solutions are a good idea – it’s an entirely different thing to actually implement and optimise those solutions. For busy mining professionals that are focused on handling existing contracts and chasing down new ones, knowing which IT solutions are worth investing in and knowing how to implement them strategically can seem like an impossibility.

That’s why we strongly suggest that mining companies find a managed IT provider that specialises in optimising IT for the mining sector. When a mining company makes the decision to outsource the management and maintenance of their IT systems, they go a long way in terms of freeing up internal employees and positioning their organisation for more streamlined success. While there are countless reasons for mining professionals to find a managed IT provider, we’ve listed the top five below.

Here’s the top 5 reasons your mining company should outsource IT services:

  • Reduced Costs & Increased Reliability

Many professionals have the misconception that investing in a managed IT provider will have a negative impact on their bottom line. While managed IT services do come with a price tag, the cost efficiency they provide will actually save your company money in the long-run.

When you partner with a team of professionals who specialise in IT solutions for the mining industry, your systems are better positioned to support ongoing predictability, productivity, reliability, and scalability. Not to mention the fact that working with a managed IT service team means your internal team no longer has to worry about solving IT issues themselves. All in all, when you invest in a managed IT provider you can expect to see reduced operational expenses and increased system reliability.

  • Proactive & Preventative Network Maintenance

Managed IT services for mining companies have to be proactive. When you make the decision to partner with a managed IT provider, you can rest assured that your company network is being consistently monitored, managed, and maintained.

No more wondering if your network is going to give out or cause problems when you least expect it. When you have a constant set of professional eyes taking care of your system, you can guarantee there will be a consistent effort made to prevent and take care of problems before they even occur.

  • Improved IT Security

The cybersecurity landscape in the business environment is more unpredictable than ever before – especially with the advent of the Cloud. For mining professionals, who require dynamic web-based IT systems to streamline field-to-office operations, developing a strong cybersecurity strategy is crucial.

When you find the right managed IT provider for mining companies, they’ll be able to develop a customised IT security strategy to protect your company data and business continuity. You get to take advantage of the most innovative technologies for your industry, and your managed services team makes sure it’s positioned securely and monitored consistently.

  • Industry-Specific Software Optimisation

Your company, no doubt, relies on industry specific software to handle contracts and execute work. While you might think you’re familiar with the software you use every day, chances are there are ways the software could be optimised further to help you do better business than ever before.

That’s the benefit of working with a managed IT provider. Not only can they help make recommendations for innovative IT solutions that promote productivity and security, they can also look at your existing software and find hidden gems to make it work even harder for your business. The right IT provider for mining companies will help you get the most out of every piece of technology you deploy.

  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support

The work environment in mining can change fast and your IT systems are the backbone of communication and overall operations. You need the peace of mind that only comes with having access to support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A reliable managed IT provider will make sure you can reach out for support whenever you need it. This way, your team has a concrete plan for reporting and solving network problems and work is never halted because of technical trouble.

Finding the Right Managed IT Service Provider for Mining Companies

Now that we’ve gone over the top reasons your mining company should consider investing in a managed IT provider, the only thing left for you to do is find the right partner. In order to be sure you’re getting the most out of your investment, we’ve put together some final tips and tricks for finding the right provider.

First of all, go into your search with a clear idea of what you need. By understanding your needs, you’ll go a long way in terms of finding the right provider to fulfill them. Next, be sure to select a provider who has experience optimising IT for the mining industry. By choosing a partner that has experience in your industry, you know you’ll be investing in a managed IT provider that speaks your language. Above all, when it comes to managed IT services for the mining industry, customisation is king. Choose a provider who is willing to customise their services to meet your industry-specific needs.

Finally, here’s the top 3 things your mining company should be looking for in a managed IT provider:

  • Clear, honest consultation – Choose a managed IT provider who has open and honest conversations with you in a language you can understand. Don’t settle for anything less than a provider who helps you understand how your organisation will benefit from each IT strategy they recommend.
  • Reputable experience – It sounds cliché but it’s true; the best endorsement is a positive review. Choose a provider who has experience in the mining industry. Bonus points if they can provide testimonials from past or current mining-sector clients.
  • Above & beyond approach to service and support – Above all, choose a provider who is committed to going above and beyond from the get-go. Your company deserves nothing less than a strategic and reliable provider who proactively works to support your entire enterprise with forward-thinking IT solutions.

If your mining company is already on the hunt for a managed IT provider that has experience in the mining sector, why not reach out to the team of IT professionals at Xyber Solutions? Our team specialises in IT solutions and strategies that are custom-built for the mining industry. We’ll work with you and your team during every part of the process – from initial consultation to ongoing optimisation and support.

If your mining company is ready to get on top of IT optimisation and management once and for all, reach out to the team of IT specialists from Xyber Solutions at 1300 568 888. Our team is committed to helping mining companies thrive through strategic and customised IT solutions. We won’t stop until you’re mining company is positioned for streamlined scalability and success.